…..With Patience, Perseverance And Grit

…..With patience, perseverance and grit

When I started my CAT preparation, I began with a resolution, a resolution of never giving up. A resolution, which was a command to myself that I am going to do everything which was instructed, even if I felt worn out or exhausted. And this resolution must be remembered , till the day of CAT.

Before the CAT preparation, I assumed that I will have to study for long hours, sacrifice on the time devoted to social media apps, or face setback on every 3rd day.  But, when I enrolled for the CAT course , for the initial four days, I was given a meager 25 sums to solve that too on alternate days. During the four days, I kept on wondering that” Is CAT preparation so easy?”. If this is true, I won’t face any problem for the rest 18 months.

On the fifth day, I was called by my mentor and was told that I need to do several things alongwith regularly solving the course material:

He started with his list that included:

Reading Newspapers ( Front page, Business page, Sports page and editorials) and writing central ideas of each article of editorial page.

Underlining all difficult words which I encountered and then noting their meaning alongwithtwo usages each.

Going through one session per day  of Word Power Made Easy.

……………………………….I thought OK that’s it, but he continued…..

Reading one novel per week ( Not including Indian Authors)

Learning Fractions as a percentage

Powers of 2 uptill 210

Powers of 3 uptill 36

Factorial values till 7!

Learning tables till 30 ( I only remembered tables till 12 at that time)

Square values till 252

Cube values till 113

It was when he asked me to note everything, so that I do not forget everything, I got to know that the list is over.

Believe me, I felt worn out after noting the list of tasks. Although, it appeared to be really difficult completing the tasks , alongwith completing regular homework. However at that time, I remembered one of my school teachers sayings- Every task appears to be difficult before it is done.

I questioned myself- Are you ready to take the plunge?

My inner voice answered yes!!

At that time I felt I have taken the first step and that is making up my mind to perform all these tasks.

It was about  7:30 in the evening. I got out from my coaching , started my vehicle’s engine and sped it off. While I was driving my active, I pondered over the comfortable time which I had in the initial four days was just a trailor, the main movie is actually left.

The next day, I woke up earlier than usual. I began with reading newspaper. I skipped the sports section for I found it the most uninteresting section of the whole paper.I completed the rest three in one and half hours. I thought, continuing with the speed at which I am doing things, it would require a 48 hour day to complete the list. I completed noting down the central ideas in the next fifteen minutes.

Then came the turn of Word Power Made Easy. It took about one hour to complete a simple session. After this, I went to noting of the difficult words. This part was not really easy, as I had underlined 35 words from the sections which I read. I noted five words, their meanings and their usages and the clock indicated that thirty minutes have been completed.

The difficult task seemed impossible just because of the amount of time demanded by each task. At this point of time, I felt worn out. It was the first setback of my CAT preparation.

At this moment, my inner voice whispered-  Amrita, if you can do this for the coming  1.5 years, you are going to prove yourself as a fighter.

I pushed myself and completed the difficult words till 5 in the evening. After taking a break for some time, I completed my homework  in two hours. Till 8 in the evening, I felt exhausted.  I left the calculation part for the next day.

The next day was almost the same, except for the fact that I could do powers of 2, 3 and square values.

The same schedule continued. A schedule, which involved busier than a corporate executive, filling notebooks with words and central ideas at a rapid rate and maintaining an insurmountable patience level.

In August, after four months of persistence, I discovered that a newspaper that earlier took  one and a half hours to read, could now be completed in one hour alongwith writing of central ideas. I was well versed with the calculation part. I had filled a 252 page diary with new words, 80% word meanings being in my mind. I had also read four fictional novels till then, alongwith solving every class worksheet twice.

An important observation which I made was the time which I was consuming then was almost half of what I used to consume, when I had started in May. My class performance was enhancing, especially in VA , which was my childhood fear.

At that point of time, I felt that I have conquered all those initial failures, with patience, perseverance and grit