CAT Did Not Go As Expected.....

CAT did not go as expected.....

My CAT did not go as expected! The exam started on a good note with VA section being the easiest of all mocks. After solving the two cases successfully in DILR, I felt traumatized on realizing that the two are tough nuts to crack. And finally the QA appeard with all possible blackness. For me it was the toughest of all mocks. The questions were torturous, bringing nightmares. At that time, the whole atmosphere appeared to be gloomy. After the exam, I could see other students cursing the exam setters for a difficult QA and DILR.

This remains a story of many of the 2018 CAT takers.

Every year out of about 2.5 lakh students, you may hear such responses, by students coming out of the exam hall. With students introspecting, “I practiced with full conviction for the whole year, Why didn’t the exam go well?”

Maybe, I placed excessive emphasis on VA, but in that process failed to look at my potential pain points in QA. Or rather, I used to dread Maths during the whole preparation and this is why compromised upon practicing QA questions.

I did not even analyse my mock tests regularly. Even though I analysed them, I used to repeat the same in next mocks.

I did not consider the worst case scenario in the exam. I was not ready to face  difficult questions in QA. Maybe,This unpreparedness made me nervous in the last days which ultimately affected my performance.

I did not score well in my last mock, probably this is the reason it demotivated me during the actual test.

It was not my preparation, but the CAT day. The CAT day was unlucky for me

Well, you may have any of the above reasons for a bad attempt. But, not to lose hope.

Cat is one of the trickiest exams ever. With Cat being really unpredictable, scoring sometimes become difficult.

But, CAT did not go as expected, this does not mean that you are not capable of getting into top b-school. After a bad attempt, the ray of hope getting into your dream b-school may be dimmed but may not be lost.

Generally students get demotivated on facing an unexpected CAT. They keep on thinking about what they underwent at the time of exam. Such thoughts generally make them restless and they are unable to concentrate on task at hand. These thoughts can also backfire your performance in upcoming exams.

So, an aspirant needs to mindful. He must indulge in productive introspection. But, thinking excessively about the negative experience can negatively experience your performance.

The way ahead is to focus on other MBA entrance exams like IIFT, SNAP, XAT, TISS, MICAT etc.

With CAT not having a GK section many of you might not have prepared for GK up till now. But, all other exams do have an additional section named GK.

Its time you prepare for the GK section. Plus, start solving for the previous years papers of other exams. This will ensure that you are fully acquainted with the paper pattern. You might also want to enter the exam hall with an ideal strategy for yourself, for this solving previous years paper is must.

Also start preparing for Decision making section of XAT. This is a section which requires a hell lot of practice..In XAT decision making, the options are so close that it becomes difficult to figure out what the answer can be In order to ensure that you do not stumble, For this, do solve previous papers of XAT. In XAT 2019 there were direct cases of decision making from previous years.

Simultaneously, you must also be aware of your position, as far as GDPI is concerned. If you are not good at public speaking, talk to yourself in front of mirror. It will enhance your audience facing skills which will ultimately benefit you during GDPI.

Continue reading newspapers and be aware of the recent happenings all over the world.

Remember, CAT is not a sprint it’s a marathon. A marathon that does not end on the CAT day itself, but continues till you convert the call of one of the top b-schools.