How To Build Your Profile Along With Preparing For CAT

How to build your profile along with preparing for CAT

Before knowing how to build your profile, let us see what a profile includes?

  • Academics
  • Work Experience
  • Internships
  • Projects Undertaken
  • Position of Responsibility
  • Professional Certification
  • Extra Curricular Achievements

What is a good profile?

A good profile is the one which excels in any one or two of the given basis and scores above average or average on the rest of the parameters.

Why is a good profile important?

  • You academic profile plays an important role in getting you a call. Academic Profile includes your 10th, 12th and Graduation marks.Also,  Since, now you cannot change these marks, it will be better if you focus on other factors.
  • Your overall profile is thoroughly calculated at the time of final selection. At the time of final selection, you are marked on the following parameters-

CAT score

PI score

WAT score

10th class marks

12th class marks

Graduation Percentage

Work Experience

Diversity Factor

  • Your profile creates a deep impact on the minds of interviewer-

Personal Interview has a big share in the marking done for final selection. In the personal interview, you need to have significant achievements, which you can talk about. Discussing your achievements, in different fields impresses the interviewer. 

On the basis of above parameters, you can have an edge over your competitors in the following way-

  • Academic Edge- If you have done your graduation from one of the top ranked institutes, or if you have scored 90+ in your 10th and 12th and 80+ in your graduation, you have an academic edge.
  • Work Experience Edge- If you have a work experience of 1-3 years, you get a work experience edge. But, if you are a fresher, you need to have atleast one month internship in your graduation field.
  • Social Edge- Premier B-Schools not only prefer students who are good learners, but socially sensitive persons, who have the skills to observe and get solutions. So, being a part of NGO or a club which focuses on environment or upliftment of underprevileaged .
  • Extra Curricular Edge- If you have performed in state or national level events, it gives you an extra- curricular edge. But, you need not lose hope even if you haven’t participated in national or state level competitions, you need to make sure that you need not portray yourself as a bookworm. As, being in the management field requires being dynamic. So, if you do not pursue any extra- curricular activities, start doing.

What to do at the current stage to build a profile?

Doing Internships-

 If you are a fresher with no work experience, you must have some kind of work experience. If you are a commerce graduate, interested in marketing and sales, you can pursue a digital marketing campaign for an organization. If you are an engineer,  you can pursue an internship in your field

Pursuing Academic Courses-

This is specifically important for engineers. If an engineer say that he is interested in Finance, he’ll have to prove that from where has he generated knowledge in Finance. You can pursue academic courses like that offered by international universities  through Coursera. Or, you can learn the intricacies of stock market or digital marketing  through other online or offline courses.

Give yourself a social edge-

As said earlier, a manager also need s to be a socially sensitive person. In order to do that, you can be a part of an NGO or other club committed towards others.

Take up Positions of Responsibility-

 There are ‘n’ no. of opportunities in your college to take up positions of responsibility. Be a part of clubs in your college aligned to your interests.  Take up positions of responsibility like that of being the president of a club, or an NGO.

Participate in College Fests and Events-

 There are many fests and events organized by colleges. You can either be a part of the Organizing committee, showcasing your management skills, or you can participate in these fests. These fests expose you to what management actually is.

The Ultimate Objective-

The ultimate objective of building a good profile is to stand above the crowd. So, you need to remember that whatever gives a spike to you over others, or whatever you think is an X- Factor in yourself must be developed.  You need to portray yourself as a dynamic candidate resdy to take up any challenge given.