IMT Ghaziabad GE And PI Experience

IMT Ghaziabad GE and PI Experience

Date: 9th February 2020

Time: 12:30 pm

Venue: St. Xavier’s, Mumbai

As soon as I entered the venue, I noticed that many people from the forenoon slot were waiting in the corridors to get their interviews completed. I registered for the process and then the student volunteers allotted us our panels and the sequence in which we’ll be going for the interviews. After that we were made to stand around a rectangular table and there were sheets of the problem which we had to solve collectively.

The problem was – You are working for a micro blogging and social media website, which particularly caters to the age group of 40 – 60 years. And it has 20 million active users. The website has recently started becoming a victim of misinformation, fake news and political propaganda. Suggest ways in which this menace can be solved.  We were also provided some stationary items and charts to help us.

As soon as the topic was given, at least 4 people started talking simultaneously and soon that Group Exercise turned into a fish market. After five minutes everyone decided that let us allow each person to speak and so everyone spoke according to their sequence. We divided the problem considering multiple perspectives and attempted to solve each problem. Overall, it was not up to the mark because there were people trying to impose themselves and in that process, people who raised genuine points lost their voice.

Since I was the last in my panel there was a lot of spare time between the GE and my Interview and so I interacted with many people during that time. This helped me relax after the frustrating GE.

It was almost 5:30 when I was called for the PI. I entered the room. Greeted the panelists. There were two panelists both in their 50s. Let me call them P1 and P2.

P1 – Amrita, take a seat.

(I took the seat still smiling)

P1 – What does your name mean?

Me – Sir, the meaning of my name is the one that speaks very sweetly.

P1 – And…What is the meaning of your surname?

(I was confused as to is he asking the literal meaning of my surname or to which caste do I belong.)

Me – Sir, I do not know the literal meaning of my surname.

P1 – OK. Tell us something about your family, your background.

Me – Told about my family background and our family business. (Trying to turn their attention towards my family business)

P1 – What about the number of members in your family

Me – Told them my family structure

P1 – He asked me about my schooling and graduation college.

Me – Told

P1 – Why do you want to go for an MBA?

Me – Answered

P1 looks satisfied

P2 – Amrita, What do you mean by GDP?

Me – Gross Domestic Product (I mentally slapped myself upon such a silly answer)

P2 – What does it mean?

Me – The sum total of all goods and services produced in an economy.

P2 – And What is GST?

Me  –  A tax which is levied on goods and services.

P2 – GST…Is it a direct tax or an indirect tax?

Me – Sir, Indirect tax

P2 – What do you mean by Input tax credit?

Although, I started telling the answer, but, I fumbled. P1 stopped me.

P2 – Amrita, what are the other calls that you have?

Me – Sir, IIM CAP, IMI New Delhi

P2 – Do you know the difference between New Delhi and Delhi

Me – No

P2 – Okay, are you working in Indore?

Me – Yes sir

P2 – That means that you only know have an exposure till Indore.

Me  –  Yes sir.

P2 – According to you, the situation of Indore has improved or worsened as compared to its situation 15 years back?

Me – Sir, it has definitely improved.

P2– How?

Me – Sir, according to me the best example to prove that the condition of Indore has improved is the BRTS system. Due to this, the public transport has improved. Also, the cleanliness in Indore is commendable. The traffic has also improved. (As soon as I said this, I knew that I had hit the wrong note)

P2 – How has the traffic improved. What I am saying is that resources are limited and population has increased. Then, how has the traffic improved?

Me – Sir, I agree with you that resources are limited and population is increasing. But, I also want to add one thing that the area of indore has been widening. There are places which used to be counted as outskirts 15 years back. But now, these are a part of main city.

P1 looks satisfied. But, P2 still dissatisfied.

P1 – OK. Amrita. Tell me the names of four yugas.

(This was a complete out of syllabus question. And, I did not imagine in my wildest dreams that they would ask me this)

Me – Kalyug, Satyug, Dwaparyug and I do not know the fourth one.

P1 – Do you know about Dashavatar?

Me – Yes sir I do

P1 – Ok then tell me the different avatars

Me – Ram, Krishna, Narsingh avatar…after some moments of thinking I told that I am not able to recall the other avatars.

P1 – In which yuga was Ram born?

Me – Sir, Ram was born in the yug which I was not able to answer

Both P1 and P2 smiling.

P1 – Amrita, who is the Defence Minister of India?

Me– Rajnath Singh

P1 – Finance Minister

Me – Nirmala Sitharaman

P1 – Railway Minister

Me – Piyush Goyal

P1 – Commerce Minister

Me – Umm…

P2 – Vice President of India

Me – Venkaiah Naidu

P2 – President

Me – Ram Nath Kovind

P2 – There is a newspaper called Economic Times…Why don’t you read it?

Me – Sir, I read Times of India

P2 – There is very less business news in TOI.

Me – Yes sir, only one page. That too 1/4th occupied with ads.

P1 smiling

P1 – Thank you Amrita


Verdict: Converted IMT Ghaziabad