IMT Ghaziabad Personal Interview Experience-II

IMT Ghaziabad Personal Interview Experience-II

Venue: XLMR Mumbai

Reporting time: 8 am

I entered the campus at 7:50 am. We were first sent for document verification, after which, we were shown presentations about the college. Then we interacted with student committee members. They told us the real scenario about placements and admissions. They revealed about how this time the professors are going to favour candidates, who are non-engineers and possess work experience. I was disheartened upon this revelation, as I am an engineer, without any work-ex. However, I decided to give my one-hundred percent in the interview.

I was 6th in my panel. On knowing others’ experiences, I found out that panelists are devoting only ten minutes to each  candidate. So, I had only ten minutes to convince the panelists. A student committee member called my name. I entered the hall, determined to convert my call.

I greeted the panelist. They asked to  have the seat in front of them. I sat.

There were two panelists, One male panelist, in his early forties(P1), and a female panelist in her mid 50s(P2).

P2 started the timer of precisely 10 minutes, as soon as I sat down.

P1- Ritika, what is your CAT score?

R-  91.68%ile

P1- Where are you staying in Mumbai?

R- Sir, I am staying at my cousin’s place.

P1- How did you find this college? Is it good?

R- Sir, I think the campus of this college is really very well . I loved its infrastructure. Also, the students are very helpful. They were ready to cooperate everytime we asked them.

P1- How did you reach here?

R- I reached here by train.

P1-How much time did you take?

R- It took almost ten hours.

P1- Where is your hometown?

R- It is in Madhya Pradesh. Sagar is my hometown.

P1- Ritika, tell us something about Sagar.

R- It as a historical city in MP. It derived its name from Saugar, which means 100 forts. Lakh banjara lake is also located there.

P1- What did you have in Breakfast?

R- Omelette  and coffee.

P1- What are your hobbies?

R- Sir, I love reading novels.

P1- Name a non-fiction novel, which you read recently.

R- Sir, I am not much interested in non fiction novels.

P1- Why so?

R- Sir, I am more interested in fictional novels.

I read The Secret, and I loved that novel. After which I decided to read Autobiographies of entrepreneurs. I started Elon Musk’s book, but after reading 50 pages I lost interest in the book. After that, I never picked up any non-fictional book.

P1-What is the latest fictional book you have read?

R- Winner Stands Alone, by Paulo Coelho.

P1- Is Paulo Coelho dead or living?

R- He is alive.

P1- Why do you want to do an MBA? And do not try to fool us by giving us the mugged up answer.

R- OK. To be honest, I have been interested in managing things since my school time. I have been a part of Student Organising Committee in my high school. I always feel happy and satisfied, when I participate in team events. In these events, when we are forced to multitask and handle several activities at a time.

P1- OK. Who is the sole decision maker in your family?

R- Its my father.

P1- How?

R- Whatever financial decisions are being taken in my family, he is the driving force. Secondly, there is any stress in relations, he is the one who sorts out everything.

P1- What does your mother do?

R- My mother is a homemaker.

P1- So, isn’t she the driving force behind your father?

R- Sir, she supports my father in taking decisions.

P1- That means she is also the decision taking authority?

R- Actually yes, they both take decisions together.

P2- Ritika, what do you know about Chanda Kocchar case?

R- Chanda Kocchar, the CEO of ICICI bank was found guilty of inappropriately diverting loans towards, Nupower Renewables, which was a firm set up by his husband alongwith Nikunj Dhoot, Videocon Chairman.

P2- For whom did she commit fraud?

R- For her husband.

At this moment, the 10 minutes timer paused, thus finishing my interview.

P2- Thank you Ritika.

R- Thank you sir and ma’am

After the interview, I was confused. Although, I answered all the questions confidently, I was not asked questions related to why MBA, or questions related to my Engineering subjects.