Last Minute Tips To Crack XAT

Last Minute Tips to crack XAT

With XAT round the corner, aspirants need to gear up for probably the last exam of the season. It is important for candidates to remember that XAT has turned to a moderate difficulty level now from being a paper that used to be a tough nut to crack (which used to be before 3 – 4 years). It also needs to be remembered that as compared to other management entrance exams, XAT provides you with maximum time per question. When we look at exams like CAT, IIFT, SNAP the average time per question ranges from 65 seconds to about 100 seconds. While, the average time per question here is more than 2 mins per question. This provides enough room for candidates to spend adequate time on questions and score more.  

Below are some last minute tips to crack this exam –

Focus on Decision making –

Decision making can be said as a make or break section in XAT. There may be concepts that student might not know if he/she did not practice well. This section on XAT focuses not on Logical, Numerical or language ability but the capability of students to analyse a particular situation and work in the best interests of all the stakeholders. The key to solving such type of questions is looking at the problem in a 360 degree manner and then suggest a solution. In any case, while solving DM questions focus on the problem statement.

Many students fail to score in this section due to inadequate practice. With last days remaining try to solve questions of Decision making from past years papers.

Read More –

A clichéd advice but still applies to this exam also. The candidates need to understand that XAT is a language heavy paper. Be it, VA questions (confusing parajumbles, tricky grammar/fill ups) or RC questions (ranging from esoteric topics like sociology, psychology, etc), XAT has a distinguishing characteristic of giving complex language to test takers. In such scenario, test takers need to have  a practice of reading from diverse topics. For this, we recommend reading articles from foreign newspapers (New York Times, The Guardian, The Economist) or websites like or

Do not be in a hurry –

To reiterate an earlier point, XAT provides more than 2 minutes per question. So, test takers need not be in a hurry while solving questions. Especially in VA, being fast excessively may hamper your chances of getting into XLRI. All you need to keep in mind is whatever you do, do it with utmost focus. If you are reading a RC, read it with full concentration. If you do not understand the RC, you can also reread it so that you understand it fully. Remember, XAT VA is more about inference based questions than fact based questions, so understanding the passage is very important.  Also, if you find that QA is lengthy, you need not panic. Because, you have time to solve questions.

Plan and Strategize –

Most important of all, before the exam plan and strategize. Which section to solve first?, How much time to be spent in solving each question?

This planning and strategizing becomes all the more important when there is no sectional time limit for sections.

Focus on your strengths and Choose Questions Wisely –

It is your strengths, on which you can bank during the exam. If you feel that you are good in QA, try to devote more time solving QA than the other two sections (but you need to remember that the other sections also have sectional cutoffs).

Another tip is choose questions wisely to solve. You cannot afford to lose marks on negative marking. This specifically applies to VA RC and DM section. If you have marked a question arbitrarily or without properly reading the facts or the case, you are bound to get such questions wrong.


The bottom line is – Be focused, read the facts, questions, comprehension and options properly and mark the answer after carefully analyzing everything. Do not be in a hurry.

All the best for XAT!