Living Life, One Day Before CAT.

Living life, one day before CAT.

One day before CAT, it is obvious for an aspirant to have a feeling that:

“Tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow is the day for me to deliver. The day, for which I have been working hard for months.

There is a very different kind of nervousness and excitement. What is going to happen? On one hand, there is a feeling of elation, that the period of struggle has  probably ended. While, on the other hand,  What if months of struggle does not come to fruition?”

Relax!! CAT is just an exam which tests your management skills and pressure handling capacity. Overthinking can produce results which are contrary to your expectations. Do not elevate CAT to a level that it becomes suffocating to bear if you do not bell the CAT. Even if CAT does not go well, your life won’t end. You just need to visualize that whatever the situations are, I am going to handle situations with a calm mind.  Ultimately, how much cool you remain during the exam, determines your efficiency.

Sit back. Watch a movie, eat well and take a good amount of sleep that would help you to stay fresh for the next day. Imagine it as a regular weekend . Do not visualize CAT as a pressure packed exam. You need to fill in josh in the exam hall and not anxiety. Think about it as a usual sunny Sunday afternoon, on which you are asked to read 4-5 passages, solve some puzzles and a number of maths problems. Throw away any kind of negativity. Forget about all the low scores which you have obtained in mocks.  Think about  you are not only going to crack CAT, but, you are going to destroy CAT.

An important tip, necessary to lock in your mind is that CAT is famous for its unpredictability. So, do not assume anything regarding the difficulty level of CAT. Do not be nervous. Think that whatever the situations are, I am going to sail smoothly, and emerge as a winner and a fighter.

Treat yourself your favourite meal  after the exam. Be strong…..tomorrow is going to be yours.