My CAT Journey-I

My CAT Journey-I

Although, the question asked to me by one of my friend is ,” What did you learn from your CAT journey”. But, first let me describe the background scenario. I’m sure any of you readers could imagine a girl who is bubbly, always ecstatic, dynamic, full of enthusiasm, with all possible charisma.( I’m sure this pretty much sounds like the character of Kareena Kapoor in Jab we met).

Now, this girl aimed of getting into the top b-school of India- IIM. Day in and day out she used to dream about getting into the institute. Believe me, it was not merely daydreaming, she worked really hard for everything that would bring her closer to her dream. And actually her so called gut feeling also told her that the institute is all hers.Following her gut was the motivation which kept her on track and focused during the whole 1.5 years.

"Have the courage to follow your heart and Intution. They somehow know, what you truly want to become"

                                                                    -Steve Jobs

From overcoming her childhood  fear, English to developing a  liking for the subject and ultimately making it her favourite, she maintained her forbearance. After suffering various failures initially from being really bad at DILR to making every kind of silly mistake in QA, she tackled those initial hiccups.

Then came the dreaded season of mock tests. On one hand, a disastrous performance in the very first mock made her upset, scoring low in every 2nd mock made her feel defeated. There were defeats, there were heartbreaks, IIM appeared to be a lover who had strived, not to be hers. But, her confidence in herself forced her to get up, despite successive low mock scores.

"There will be ups and downs, highs and lows, peaks and valleys, but whatever you face, keep on the forward motion relentlessly."

                                                                     -Micheal De'Aulerio

The last one week was crucial. Trying to gather motivation from every possible source, she was curious, curious about what will happen on the D-day. This curiosity and uncertainity left her anxious.

Finally,the day came when it was time for her to deliver and get over every curiosity.

The exam started on a good note, with Verbal Ability section being very easy. The questions were direct and the options were unambiguous. She was satisfied by her performance in VA. After doing the two cases successfully in DILR, she felt traumatized on realizing that the next two are tough nuts to crack. After giving a mediocre performance by solving only three cases, she was unaware of the final blow.

Finally, the Quantitative Ability section came on screen. Question after question, the difficulty level kept on increasing.  This was the toughest section. The torturous questions brought her nightmares. The whole atmosphere within the exam hall appeared to be gloomy.

After the completion of three hours, there was complete disappointment.

It is  how you handle your dissapointments that define you as a person. If you get up after the fall, or lay there in defeat

There were people cursing exam setters for a difficult QA and DILR. She atleast felt relieved on knowing that she is not the only one who has spoilt the last two sections. Nevertheless, there was an aura of guilt that she did not perform at the best of her ability.

Probably, it was not her. The moments within the exam were so heavy. There were so many moments during the exam when her heartbeat was more than normal. Those moments seemed so frustrating.

When asked about how the exam was, she was all in tears. IIM again seemed to be an upset lover eager to part ways.

There was motivation, there were philosophies from external sources after the exam. But again, within her head there was uncertainity and confusion.

Other exams came and went, but the uncertainity and confusion prevailed. CAT result was a ray of hope which dimmed after the CAT exam. Nevertheless, she kept on waiting.

The result was as expected, a disappointment, a spear on her dreams. One could have been upset, but she was not upset for she knew that one piece of paper cannot determine her talent and destiny.

Well, since you have understood the conflicting emotions in this girl’s mind, let’s delve into the question from where the article started ie What did this girl ie I learn from my  CAT journey.

This question may appear to be easy, even easier than the easiest question of VA in CAT 2018. But, believe me, this question is tough. Tough, not because I’m short of content. Tough ,because while answering the question, I’m reminded of all the bittersweet memories. Really, its not easy to get through your loved aim, getting into IIM.

However, to answer the question, all these setbacks have made me strong. Strong, mentally and emotionally. Getting up during hardships was tough, but I got up, although bruised, but with double energy. There was nothing to stop me, to achieve my dreams!

I was limitless….Still, I am limitless.

Still, I am that ecstatic, vivacious, audacious girl, with all optimism locked within my head. Why is there any need to be upset or angry, there still lies ‘n’ no. of avenues to be on a restart mode. Well. I did not even realize that I have already rediscovered myself by trudging on this MBA path.

I do not know whether I’ll be getting admission into any other b-school or not this year, but, I’m glad that in this process, I did not lose myself, rather, I have become a much more disciplined, responsible and most importantly, a strong girl, unflinched by failures.