Navigating Through A B-school (Part 1): Preparing Ahead!

Navigating through a B-school (Part 1): Preparing Ahead!

Navigating through a B-school (Part 1): Preparing Ahead!

We spend a good amount of time preparing for MBA entrance exams, but how many of us have put efforts into preparing for a B-school when we actually get admitted to one? Not many! Preparing ahead of venturing into your new b-school life will help you to reap the maximum benefits out of your MBA course.

Whether you are awaiting results or have secured a spot in your dream college these preparation tips will come in handy, nevertheless. Preparing ahead will take some surprises off of your plate and help you focus on important things at your b-school such as placement preparations, acquiring advanced skills, etc. Do take some time to relax before all the b-school hustle begins but also take some time out for these preparations, they will hardly take up an hour of your day. After all, life is nothing but a balance of work and play.

  1. Be clear of the expectations: MBA is an important course and perhaps the last educational sojourn for many. Be sure to understand what is expected off of you. These include academic performances, co-curricular activities, skill building etc. A prior understanding will give you time to identify and work on your shortcomings so that you commit your time and efforts judiciously at your b-school. A good way of doing this reading your college handbook through and through, they will give you a sense of academic requirements & other performance criterion. To introduce yourself to the soft skills requirements, reach out to your seniors at your b-school. Connect with them over social media and clear your doubts about anything and everything.
  2. Learn Excel: As a manager, a large part of your work life will require the use of Excel. You might not always create excel sheets, but you surely would need to interpret them. Therefore, an essential and perhaps life-saving skill at a b-school is to know the ins and outs of MS Excel. Apart from work, these would come in handy while studying many management subjects such as data analysis, financial model building etc. Many b-schools may share a preparatory course material with students with suggestive links to excel classes but if your b-school doesn’t provide one, there are ample tools available online. You can reach out to sites such as khan academy, Udemy, coursera etc., many of which are free.
  3. Self-Reflect: Take some time every day to reflect on your life experiences and to know yourself better. In a couple of months of entering b-school, the quest to secure a good internship begins. There will be little time for you to get yourself together, manage your hectic schedule and prepare for summer placements from scratch. These are some basic questions which you might have prepared for entrance interviews as well, you just need to brush them up. These involve basic questions like your strengths, weaknesses, defining moments in life etc. Try to come up with unique answers which will differentiate you from the others because remember, recruiters hear the same answers every now and then so something distinctive is sure to catch their attention. Additionally, do keep updating yourself with current affairs and GK. These will help you with recruitments, class discussion, holding a good conversation etc.
  4. Know your resume inside out: MBA will be a platform to show all your achievements and skills that you’ve gathered over years. Make sure to make an exhaustive resume so that all your diverse skills get noticed by recruiters, club managers, event coordinators etc. When you know your resume thoroughly you will be in a better position to leverage existing opportunities or create new ones.
  5. Summer internship preparations: We all have come to realize that b-school is a serious affair, hence the effort to get in. A crucial event in the beginning months of a b-school is the summer placement. It is your chance to explore that dream career. Educate yourself with the available choices and also be aware if your inclinations. When you know your target, unnecessary confusion gets out of the way giving you more room for practice and prepare. Don’t worry, your summer internship may not be your permanent job. Treat it as an opportunity to experience what you always dreamt of.

We put intensive efforts in preparing for a b-school, do keep aside some time for preparation when you actually get into one. You dreamt of going to a b-school, preparing ahead will ensure that you make the most out of it.