Online Vs Offline Coaching For CAT Preparation

Online vs Offline Coaching for CAT Preparation

CAT is known to be the Mother of all MBA Entrance Exams! Right? There are some things in life where we say that the Journey is more beautiful than the destination itself and CAT preparation is definitely one amongst them. This is not to say that securing admission into a Top B-School of the country is less beautiful but preparing for it is altogether a different experience and in fact a life-changing proportion. If you are a serious CAT aspirant, you go through a 180-degree transformation in your personality and outlook towards the majority of things and life as a whole. While preparing, a candidate not only grapples with the academic aspects but also hits multiple crests and troughs as far as other aspects like motivation, perseverance, direction, confidence, etc are concerned. And this is exactly where he needs someone to hold his hand and help him sail through the storm. And we at, Stalwart Career Institute, believe that this is exactly what our role is!

There are nowadays, countless options for anyone who is looking to prepare for CAT. In fact with the availability of high-speed internet in the form of 4G and increased penetration of cheap broadband services, there is a flurry of “Trainers” who are “Masters in their subjects”. There are numerous YouTube channels where they share half-baked knowledge and many students fall in this trap of Free Learning. They later realize this harsh reality of life that nothing good comes for free and anything that is available for cheap is cheap because of some solid reasons. So, a student needs to be very careful while trusting someone for his potential life-changing journey.

A good source should first-of-all be a comprehensive one so that your time and energy of managing and cope up with multiple sources/trainers is minimized. A lot of students, because of improper guidance and direction, place too much focus on the Quantitative Aptitude (QA) Section of the CAT and simply ignore the rest of the two sections. This is exactly what these so-called trainers want because there is a lot of magic that can be shown in QA as compared to a subject like Verbal Ability and that comes along with a mesmerised audience which in turn leads to increased Ad-Revenue; getting the point? Please keep in mind that there is a sectional cut off criteria in all the Top B-Schools. You need to do equally good in all the sections and not just QA! At Stalwart, we have a team of experts and not just “an expert” who has been training students for several years now. The most important thing that we look for in a person while Faculty recruitment is the “Passion for Teaching”. There is no space for any person who is teaching just for the sake for it or let say is a fresh graduate who is looking for some part-time money while preparing for an exam himself! You will find trainers of these profiles in abundance everywhere but not at Stalwart. If there is one thing that we can guarantee, then that has to be passionate teachers for sure.

A classic dilemma: Offline/ Online Coaching?

While both the formats have their own merits and demerits, which format suits a candidate better is actually more dependent on the personality of the candidate himself. So shred that herd-mentality now and be a better judge of your own.

Online: It is getting very popular in this era of digitalisation. It saves your traveling time, is cheaper than offline coaching, you can study from the comfort of your home, watch recordings as many times as desired and the list goes on. It is definitely a very good option for working professionals. It is also a very good option for those students who are disciplined in their approach and they need little or no hand-holding. We at Stalwart offer a bouquet of online courses. A special care has been taken into the consideration while designing these courses that the modules must contain that personally connect with the student that is often and early lost in the online format. So the sessions are curated specifically in such a manner that a student will definitely not miss that touch and will feel that he is a part of a real classroom. This is clubbed with the “Online FCH” that is Faculty Contact Hours where any student can connect with the faculty and get their doubts solved in the real time, just like classroom doubt solving sessions. Moreover, these sessions are Personal interactions, which is one-on-one mode of discussion. In this way, a student opting for online learning does not lags behind and constant interaction with the faculties also provide that holding hand which is so severely missed in most of the online learning modules of other institutes.

One alternative to Dedicated Online/ Offline coaching for CAT preparation is Hybrid Learning. This is the amalgamation of the merits of both the formats wherein some components of the module are provided in an offline environment while others in a digital format. This is best for those who are not at solace with only the digital format. While boasting of all the benefits of a comprehensive Classroom Training Programme like direct and constant interaction with the faculties, a conducive environment for peer learning, group studies, etc, it also clubs the benefits of online module like the convenience of watching the concepts as many times as desired, getting the video solutions to the questions, test taking from the convenience of home, etc. We at Stalwart offer a Hybrid learning program that offers all the above-mentioned benefits. In this module, a student attends classroom sessions, doubt solving sessions, enjoys interaction with classmates on a regular basis. Also, he is provided with the concept video sessions along with many other tests and assignments in the digital format on the Prep Buddy portal.

One more thing that is important in preparation is the aspect of organised and structured learning. Too many students commit this same mistake of not following a disciplined and well thought of approach for their studies. The Ad-Hoc approach does not help you crack an entrance exam of CAT’s cadre. This is what we had in mind while giving shape to our preparation module. It has been divided into three stages:

The Concept Stage: We assume that a student is starting from the scratch as far as his comfort level with any subject is concerned. The faculties even help students memorising the tables, helping them how to read newspapers and other very basic stuff so that even a student with not so great fundamentals can easily catch up with the rest of the competition. In this Stage, all the concepts are covered in detail but at a very basic level. To gauge the learning, a student is required to complete the “Foundation Tests” on the Prep Buddy portal of Stalwart Career Institute.

The Booster Stage: As the name suggests, it is now time to give a boost to your studies with this module. In this stage, a student is exposed to the advanced difficulty level questions and we try to incorporate maximum possible question variations so that the thinking horizon of the student is widened. Students are required to complete two categories of tests with this stage: “Catalyst Tests” and “Challenge Problems” so that they are able to better judge their own learning curve.

Pro CATs: It is the last stage where students appear for the Online Test Series “Pro CATs”. It is taken by thousands of students every year which enables a student to benchmark his current preparation status with his competitors. Each test is followed by a comprehensive analysis and various types of growth reports are present on the student portal to help him gauge his progress.
Along with this, to ensure that a student follow a strict schedule, each session is coupled with the “Pre - Session” part i.e. what all has to be covered before attending a particular session and the “Post - Session” part i.e. what has to be solved after that session.

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