SCMHRD WAT, GD And Personal Interview Experience

SCMHRD WAT, GD and Personal Interview Experience

SCMHRD WAT, GD and Personal Interview Experience

Name: Richa Goyal

Venue: SCMHRD, Pune

Reporting time: 8:30am

Written Ability Test:

We were given thirty minutes to write two essays.

In the first essay, we were provided with the starting statement and an ending statement and we were asked to complete the content in between. The given two statements were:

What is a jerk?................................................................................................It is opposite sweetheart.

I defined a person who can be called as a jerk. Mentioned his/her habits. I also mentioned some of the instances, on which a jerk could irritate people around him/her.

To write the second essay, we were given two pictures. The first picture showed the scene of a drought, consisting of cracked land and a dried hand pump. The other picture showed an ad of a TV commercial, which was advertising soap. We had to establish a link between these two and write an essay.

I wrote about how the commercials influence the consumers mind. Ranging from taking a tub bath to other sources through which water is wasted by influencing consumers’ mind, I also mentioned the rich poor divide, that rich is utilizing excessive water to take a bath, which is depleting the total water resources. And this brunt is being ultimately faced by the rural areas.

Group Discussion:

The GD again, consisted of discussions on two different topics.

In the first GD, we were given a statement to discuss, that was, “ Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill- Just a bill or a way ahead”.

Our Group discussed the issue in a comprehensive manner, starting with identifying the problem. We suggested, that there must be a timely check so that fugitives do not plunder banks’ wealth and leave the country. We also discussed, how it can prove to be benign for the economy.

The second topic for the GD was an abstract topic. We were shown a video, and we had to derive conclusions from the message given in that video and had to relate it with the instances, which were happening all over India and world.

Everyone spoke in both the group discussions. It was by far one of the most peaceful GDs in which I have been.

Personal Interview Experience:

Before my PI, I was nervous, as to in which way are they going to grill me. The volunteers were trying to calm down, me and my fellow interviewees. They were giving us necessary tips.

One of the volunteer called my name. I entered the room with a smile and greeted the panelists. There were two panelists- One female panelist in her 30s (P1)  and one male panelist in his 60s(P2)

P2- Richa, please have a seat.

R- Thank you, sir

P1- You are from Indore?..... What do you like the most about Indore?

R- Ma’am, I think cleanliness in indore is praiseworthy. Also, the food there is delectable. I haven’t tasted food as delicious as served in my hometown.

P1- Is it your first time in Pune?

R- Yes ma’am

P2- How did you reach here? With whom are you travelling?

R- I reached here by bus. I am travelling with my father.

P2- Yes sir, he must be waiting for me.

P1- Richa, why did you choose a B.Com(Hons)?

R- Ma’am B.Com(Hons)  is a degree, which provides me all round development. Like, we have subjects related to mainstream commerce, management, and also technical subjects.

P2- Which is your favourite subject?

R- Accountancy

P1- Tell us a major learning which you have received in your graduation.

R- Sir, this course of B.Com( hons) has built up my base for accounting, especially, my interest in companies and stocks. I have learnt the technicals and fundamentals of stock. I have also learnt, how are stocks of different companies analysed, technically and fundamentally. I now possess knowledge regarding candlestichs, RSI, moving averages and other aspects relating to stocks.

P2- Can you explain me, what is the difference between technicals and fundamentals of stock.( asking me with a serious look)

R- Yes sir! Fundamental means, studying of all those activities of a company which influence the stock prices of a company, whereas technicals are when we study the fundamentals using graphs.

P1- What do you know about candlesticks?

R- Explained with the example of a candle.

( P1 looked satisfied)

P2- Richa, why are you interested in general  MBA. If you are so much interested into Finance and Stocks, you can be a stock broker. You can even be a portfolio manager…

P1- Do you know who a portfolio manager is?

R- Yes ma’am.

 Sir I am interested in a general MBA because, since I have knowledge about the change in prices of shares in different situations like foreign collaboration, disputes, government loss, politics, etc, I have got a strong base as a manager.( P2 nodding)

P1- What is PE ratio?

R- PE ratio is the ratio of market price to earnings of a company. It is a main parameter to analyse any stock for investment.

P1- How do we calculate earnings of a company?

R- Ma’am, I do not know in detail.

P2- Richa, what was this Infosys project?

R- It was a project in which I did a detailed research on market behavior. It was the time when Vishal Sikka resigned from the company.

P1- What is the current market price of Infosys shares?

R- told

P2- What do you think, dividend is calculated on which amount, market price or face value?

R- Dividend is calculated on face value.

P2- Are you sure? ( Asking me in a concerned manner)

R- Yes sir, I am pretty sure ( speaking confidently)

P1-If you are given a situation in which,a large number of students in a village are not attending schools. The percentage of students not attending schools are: 10-30% for grade 1 to 3 and 40-60% for grades 4-7. Which of the following reasons will you consider the most imporatnt for the students' absence:

i. Students are busy working in farms

ii. They do not consider education as an important aspect 

iii. They do not have money to pay the fees

iv. They do not have the required transport facilities to reach school

R- Ma'am, according to me, the primary reason, they are not attending schools is, they do not have knowledge about the real importance of education. The second most important reason can be, students' involvement in farming sector.

P2- How can you improve the current situation?

R- I'll explain the importance of education to the students. I'll communicate, how education can improve their farm income, not only farm income, but also their quality of life.

P1- Alright Richa. Thank You, it was nice interacting with you!

Note to remember:

It needs to be kept in mind that , you must be confident while answering in a GD. Be honest. If you do not know the anwer to any question, admit politely.

And ultimately, have full knowledge about things which you write in your resume.