SIBM Pune Group Exercise, Written Ability Test And Personal Interview Experience

SIBM Pune Group Exercise, Written Ability test and Personal Interview Experience

Name: Richa Goyal

Venue: SIBM Pune

Reporting time: 8:30am

I entered the campus at 8:20am. It was located on a picturesque hill. The view was breathtaking.

 We were told to undergo the process of document verification first. After the completion of document verification, we were divided into groups, and then given a Group Exercise. In the Group Exercise, we were told to solve a block puzzle. We were given the first five minutes to solve the puzzle, individually. After the completion of the first five minutes, we were told to solve the puzzle in group.

Let me admit, the puzzle was really difficult. We could not solve the puzzle, neither individually, nor in group.

After the GE, we were asked to sit in the lobby for about 20 minutes. After that, we were provided a video, we had to describe the real life situations in form of an essay of about 100 words, relating to the video, and provide an appropriate title to the essay.

Our group, was finally provided with a case of about one and a half page. We had to discuss the case, and find an appropriate solution to the problem. The case consisted of a  US based company, whose revenues were declining, the CEO was patriotic, averse to employing people from other countries, in turn, increasing labour costs. Our group had to design a revenue model for the company.

We discussed the problem statement. The issues, which are increasing costs, and way ahead, through which costs can be reduced and other sources through which income can be increased.

Although, the the GD was quite chaotic, with people overlapping each other, occurrence of one to one discussions, and other people creating a fish market  but we ultimately reached at a solution.

Before the PI, I was pondering upon, on which topic can they try to grill me…. The Student Committee members were cheering up all of us. One minute before the moment I was going to enter the interview room, I was given a slip, which consisted of a situation. I was asked to read the problem and think upon the matter.

The problem was: If you were to donate your organs, to whom will you donate- An ailing individual, or Science ?

After one minute, I got into the Interview room alongwith the slip in my hand. I greeted the panelists.

There were two panelists, one female panelist, in her mid 50s (P1), and a male panelist in his late 50s (P2)

P2- Richa… What do you think about the problem?

R-  Sir, I will donate my organs to an ailing individual.

P1- Why? ( With a serious look)

R-  Sir according to me, a suffering individual requires organs more than science. I think, if I can save a person’s life…. Why not?

P2-  Richa, if you donate organ to an individual, you will be able to save only one life, but if you donate to science, there may be new discoveries, you may be able to save the lives of many. ( He asked me in an appaled tone)

R- Sir, donating organs to an individual, won’t only salvage a single individual, but also his family, his workplace and other people, whom the person is influencing.

P1- But, What we think is the opportunity cost of opting an individual is too high.

( Believe me, at this point of time, although I was smiling, but I felt frustrated)

R- Ma’am you may compare saving the life of an individual with that of millions, but when I was teaching for an NGO, I have experienced the miserable situation of a child named Rakesh. He was in class 11th, so he was mature enough. One day, his father suffered an organ failure. After that day, I never saw him in school. So, his father’s disease had ultimately hampered his studies.

P1- OK Richa. ( I felt relieved. This topic is over)

Although, they did not seem to be convinced by my argument, but I said what I felt was true)

P2- How many siblings do you have?

R-  Sir, I have one brother and one sister.

P1- Tell us your Father’s and mother’s occupation.

R- My father is a businessman, and my mother is a homemaker.

P1- What does your father sell?

R-  We mainly deal in grains.

P2- From whom do you purchase grains?

R- We purchase directly from farmers.

P2- Tell me the names of some of the clients of your business ( At this point of time, I thought that it is not going in the right direction)

R-  Sir, I do not know much about my father’s business. I am majorly inclined towards stock market (  Paying much importance to my interest in stock market, so that the Interview turns in that direction)

P1-  Richa, what are your major hobbies?

( Unfortunately, my attempt failed)

R- Ma’am, I am interested in drawing and painting. Also, I am a stock market enthusiast.( Emphasizing my area of interest again)

P2- OK. What was your favourite subject in graduation?

R- Sir, Accountancy

P2- Which part in accountancy do you like the most?

R-  That part of Accountancy in which we receive information regarding how IPOs are issued, and how we calculate the amount of share dividend.

P1- What is your career goal?

R- Ma’am, since I am interested in Finance, I want to become a finance manager of a company.

P2- OK Richa. You may leave now

Overall, the interview was not a very pleasant experience, rather, it wasn’t even a grueling experience. From the beginning till the end, I tried to urge the panelists to ask questions related to my interest area, Stock Market, but they failed to yield to the bait. Nevertheless, I was calm, even in the situations when they tried to frustrate me.