Tell Me Something About Yourself....

Tell me something about yourself....

It is one of the most popularly asked questions in MBA interviews.

A candidate’s resume is in front of the panel. The panel already knows the candidate’s thought process as he has already wrote an essay, then why this question.

The answer lies in the fact that a candidate needs to be diligent while answering such question and must not say facts which are already in his resume. Instead try to explain events which are not in your resume. Events, which can convey that you are self motivated, hardworking individual capable of handling difficult situations.

Name: Start by my name is……..

Or I am ……..

But, sometimes during the stress interviews the panel can confuse you by asking that you are….. or your identity is ……….

At that time you must politely admit that your identity is……….

Home town.

I come from………

Graduation college:

I did my graduation from ….college/ I am pursuing my graduation from ….college

Work experience:

I have worked in ……….company for ……..months as a………(post).

You can also mention if you were self employed. In that case you must mention the name of organization and the role you took up. Make sure that you know every intricate detail of your job and have full information about the organization in which you are working.

If you were working in any company or other organization, you need to be aware of the turnover, form of ownership ( Private company, public company, Proprietorship), Organisation headquarters, staff size, no. of products and services, details about your department.

Also, be prepared of the question in which panelist ask you about major achievements, which you achieved during your job.


I like ……….(hobbies)

Hobbies are activities which you take up in your spare time and add values to your personality.  It may be any work which you love doing,but, it should  not be limited to yourself. If you have any achievements in the field, it helps you.

Make sure that you have complete knowledge about what you are pursuing as hobby.

For example- You can say that you like reading. In this case you may be asked your favourite author and some of his books. You can also be asked about, the latest book you read.

Since, non-fiction is a genre which is not a preferred one, interviewers may ask a non-fictional novel which you have read. In that case, you need to admit that you particularly read fiction based novels. Also, be aware of the categories in fiction and non-fiction.

Career Goal: A manager always needs to be a good planner. Career Goal is an aspect that shows that you are a planned and managed person.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, say it to the panel. But, you may be ready if they ask you your business plan.

You can also say that you want to expand you family business at a wider level. In that case also you must be aware of every nook and corner of your family  business.

Note to remember:

Remember, this question is capable of making or breaking your chances of admission. So whatever you speak, be sure that you have complete knowledge about it. So that, if the panel cross questions, they must get to know that you are fully aware about yourself. Be confident maintain an upright posture and ace the interview!