Tips For Essay Writing In WAT

Tips for essay writing in WAT

How to write an effective WAT?

The basic structure for writing essay includes three elements: Introduction, Main body, and finally Conclusion.


Introduction is an aspect of essay, which will define the level of attention the examiner is going to pay while reading. An arresting beginning is very important to secure the initial interest of reader.  An interesting beginning serves the same purpose as that of an  cover.

It also needs to be ensured that it must not exceed about 40 words. A lengthy introduction becomes monotonous, thus not serving the pre required aim. An average essay consisting of about 200 words, has an introduction of 3-4 lines, or 40-50 words.

If you do not get any idea regarding, how to start, the best way is to use the Key Word Approach. When a topic is given, identify the key words, explain them individually and finally relate those key words.

For example:  The essay topic is- “ Issues in Indian Education Sector”

Here, the key words are- Issues and Indian Education Sector. Here, one can state the importance of Education, and proceed by stating that Indian Education System faces problems, alongwith briefly stating those problems.

So, your Introduction may look like: Education, the driving force for the development of an individual is in a mess in India today. A mess caused by privatization of education, high cost, low teaching quality, lack of Industry exposure and ‘n’ number of problems in higher Education sector.

Main Body:

It consists of discussion of the problem statement in detail. If the problem statement is controversial, and an individual is equivocal about the matter, he/she may state both the aspects in detail.

Students, while writing this part generally face the problem of shortage of points. The best way to solve this problem is adopt the PIRATES approach. PIRATES approach refer to seeing the topic from different angles. These angles can be Political, Individual, Religious, Art based , Technological, Environmental, Economic and societal.

It is not mandatory to include points from all these eight different angles. Usually, a writer can pick any three stake holders, and organize the matter for different stakeholders in separate paragraphs.

While writing each paragraph, a writer is supposed to follow a logical flow of ideas. For this, one can follow a PREP model. PREP refers to Point, Reason, Example, Point. While writing any paragraph, a point needs to be given ( Which side of the argument do you support). In order to support the point, a valid line of reasoning with an appropriate example as mandatory. And finally, the side on which you stand needs to be re-emphasized.

Continuing the previously given example, I am going to include Political, Environmental and Individual issues.

Political Issues- To state these issues, I am going to include points relating to privatization of education, low teaching standards and lack of accountability and responsibility on the part of government schools.

Environmental issues: Lack of Importance of education in backward areas, low attendance in primary schools and the absence of schools in remote areas.

Individual problems: high cost of education, Lack of Industry exposure.

So, the main body of the essay may look like:.

Taken from a political angle, low teaching standards, deteriorating standards of responsibility and accountability has caused the common public to opt for private schools, which charge exorbitant fees, and has exposed the poorer section of the society to remain literate, but uneducated. Privatisation, has in turn turned to be baneful, increasing the number of institutions, with low quality.

This deteriorating quality can be seen in the form of absence of Industry Exposure and lack of value education in Schools and Colleges. This, is ultimately hampering the reputation of Indian Professionals in the International Market.

As far as the funding provided by the government to education sector is concerned, it is less than 5%, which is much less than the proportion spent by Developed economies. Also, what is commonly observed is,  absence of primary schools in remote areas. To gain knowledge, students are forced to walk long distances, which discourages many students from getting literate.


The Conclusion of the essay includes summary of the main body in about 40-50 words. It needs to be kept in mind that although the Introduction and main body may include negative tone, but the ending of conclusion must be positive.

So, the conclusion may look like:

Considering all these matters, the Government must abserve the greatly untapped potential of Human Resource by conveying the importance of Education, especially in backward areas, making government schools more responsible and accountable, and ensuring quality alongwith Industry Exposure in private as well as government Institutions. Taking all these steps will ensure that the Indian Education sector stands at par with its International peers.

Time Limit is Important:

It needs to be kept in mind that following all the given guidelines in a time bound manner is as important as writing an impressive essay. The following must the ideal time limit to complete the essay on time:

2-3 minutes: Idea Generation- It includes writing of all those points, which come in your mind, as soon as knowing the topic. They may be written in an unstructured manner.

1-2 minutes: Organization of thoughts- The aforementioned points must be arranged in PIRATES format. It involves categorizing of all those thoughts, that you have written into an unstructured manner, into PIRATES format.

7-15 minutes: Writing of thoughts-All those aforementioned thoughts must be written in paragraph form.

Dos and Donts of writing an essay


  • Usage of Appropriate Grammar
  • Putting Correct Punctuation marks
  • Understandable language: The language used in the essay must neither be very complex, nor flat. Also, it must be standard and not colloquial. Usage of technical jargons is inadvisable.
  • Usage of Connectors: Usage of connectors like indeed, moreover, alternatively, however is advised. They show change in ideas. They can also be used to change the existing flow of essay.


  • Avoid weak or empty words: Usage of weak phrased like - In my opinion, Basically, approx, I think, It seems and similar phrases is inadvisable.
  • Do not give obvious data- Data like- We all know that India has the second largest population in the world, unnecessarily increases the number of words, without serving the purpose.
  • Avoid Repetition: One of the points, if included in multiple paragraphs shows that you are short of content.
  • Avoid Slogans or shlokas