How to make a Brilliant Resume?

How to make a Winning Resume?


Resume is  a piece of paper which shows a candidate’s skill set. The better the presentation of facts in resume, better for a candidate in Personal Interview. A resume must contain the following information

Header- Your name, contact number and e mail address. ( Aligned towards left)

  • Overview:

Overview refers to the summary of your resume. It consists of 5-6 lines. It must include the following pointers:

  • Work Experience ( Current Work experience)
  • Major Achievement in work ( May include internships and past work experience)
  • Education (in short). It includes the highest level of Education, which  you have undertaken.
  • Any special course undertaken- If you have undertaken any special course, like that of Digital Marketing or if you have learned the technicals or fundamentals of stock market, do mention it.
  • National level Achievement ( If any)

  • Work Experience Details (if any):

Work Experience  details  provide information about our skills and abilities

It must include- Name of organization, duration,  Designation and Job Profile( In 3-4 points). The presentation of these facts must be in the given format:

Name of Organisation:                                                                                                     Duration:


Job Profile:  (To be explained in 3-4 points)

Job Profile includes all the relevant points which you did while you were in job.  It consists of major achievements during your job and the nature of work which you did.

  • Scholastics:


Year of Completion


Name of  Institution

% of marks obtained




 ( Follow reverse chronology)

  • Internships / Industrial Training certificates –

Organisation:  ……….                                                                                          Duration:……..


              Job Profile:……………..



  • Major Achievements:

Major achievements include national level participation in any sports or other event, or  any awards received ( academic or related to your interests)

  • Academic Projects:

Academic Projects are projects undertaken alongwith your professional degree. They may include research or thorough study on any topic, which is related to the degree specialization which you are obtaining.

  • Position of responsibility:

 Mention a position of responsibility which you have held or which you are currently  holding. It may include being your college/University President,  being the regional head of any NGO or Chairman of any club in your college or locality. Being a part of social service activity shows that you are concerned for beings other than self.

  • Professional Certifications:

 These are proofs that show that you have knowledge other than your degree specialization. These may include clearing CA or CFA level. If you have traded in  stock market  and you have knowledge regarding fundamentals or technical aspects of stock market, do mention it.

  • Beyond Curriculum:

 These refer to activities beyond curriculum, which may directly help in your job or during MBA. These may include participation in debate competitions, hackathons, debate, writing blogs, stories etc. You can also say that you have been active in stock market trading, or digital marketing.

  • Key Interests:

 These are interests, which may not directly benefit you in your job or MBA, but prove  that you aren’t  a bookworm. These may include following or playing a sport , reading books or novels, cooking different delicacies, etc.

A sample resume is being provided to you-


E-mail address

Contact Number


  • Self Employed at S. K. Dresses ( Managing online sales)
  • Interned at Marketing personnel in Industrial Engineering Expo (Organised by Future Communication)
  • Worked as a Content Writer at ABC ltd.
  • Completed B.Com (Hons) from IIPS-DAVV in 2019
  • Participated in National youth Parliament in 2016. A debate enthusiast, since the age of 12.

Work Experience:

  • Organisation: Shankar Dresses, Indore                          Duration: From February 2019
  • Designation: Manager of online operations
  • Job Profile: Managing the online sales of the Organisation

                      Inventory Management

                      Clocked additional sales of 30% through online operations during Festive Season



Year of Completion

Board/ University

Name of Institution

Percentage of marks obtained



Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya

International  Institute of Professional Studies





St. Paul’s H.S. School, Indore





St. Paul’s H.S. School, Indore



  • Organization: Future Communications, Indore                              Duration: December 2016-January 2017
  • Designation: Marketing intern
  • Job Profile:       A member of PR Department of  Industrial Engineering Expo

                                  Handling clients and allotment of stalls in the event

Major Achievements:

Participated in National Youth Parliament, organized by Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Beyond Curriculum:

  • I have been a Debate enthusiast. I have participated in many events, representing my college and school.
  • An educational blogger

Key Interests:

  • Reading Fictional novels.
  • Cooking Indian Dishes
  • Performing drama and nukkad natak

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