Lessons Learnt from the Coronavirus Pandemic

Lessons Learnt from the Coronavirus Pandemic


Coronavirus. I’m pretty sure that you all are sick of hearing about this Earth-shattering virus that took the world by storm just like me. Some have lost their lives or their loved ones to this deadly pandemic, others have lost their means of livelihood and their mental sanity. 2020 has been one of those years in which such things have happened which no one could ever fathom even in their wildest dreams; or should I say nightmares. So, how about we end this year on a more positive note by talking about a few of the lessons we have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic.

#Lesson 1: Life is full of uncertainties:

One day we were all out and about, continuing with our daily schedules, complaining about all the little things and the next day our Prime Minister was announcing the inception of the nationwide lockdown due to the deadly virus prevailing in the world. No one could have anticipated a situation in which our basic right of stepping out of our house would be curbed. Therefore, live each day to the fullest and be prepared for anything that may come your way because you never know what life holds for you.

#Lesson 2: Don’t take anything for granted:

Sometimes we do not realise the value of something until it’s gone forever. From friends and family to taking a breath of fresh air in the park and going for your daily nine-to-five job that helps you to pay your bills, this pandemic has taught us to never take anything for granted in our life ever again because you never know when it can be taken away from you.

#Lesson 3: Learn how to be content alone:

Being on our own is something all of us have had to do during this pandemic. It was especially frustrating for extroverts to social distance themselves and be alone but it can also teach you a lot about yourself. You learn how to keep yourself occupied. Eventually binge watching three seasons of a TV show won’t be enough anymore, and you will have to try doing something else. Pick up a new hobby or start journalising; do what makes you happy. Your body and your mind is your home and you have to learn how to love it and live with it.

#Lesson 4: Keep in touch with your friends and family:

The pandemic has already been very hard on people in terms of the mental stress the lockdown induced isolation has caused. You never know what someone is going through; pandemic or not, you must check up on your friends and family once in a while if not everyday so that they get the mental satisfaction that someone is there who is looking out for them.

#Lesson 5: Learn to be more grateful:

During turbulent times like these, being grateful is a small but very important thing to do. It helps you to keep a positive mindset and count your blessings. The pandemic has showed us that there are a lot of people who aren’t as privileged as us in terms of having access to the basic necessities of life like food, shelter and healthcare specially in times like these. Therefore, learn how to be happy with what you have and try to give back to society in any way that you can. Be grateful and respect the essential workers who are working tirelessly just so that you can live comfortably without any inconvenience.

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