How to Crack CAT?

How to Crack CAT?

Crack CAT

Since you have started your preparation, HOW TO CRACK CAT? This is one question which all of you CAT aspirants ponder over while starting with your preparation. You may find many ways on different platforms. And, they are all more or less same. But, believe me, there is no standard rule, which can apply to everyone to clear an exam like CAT.

But, one thing is for sure if you focus on basics, you are definitely going to fare well throughout your cat exam preparation. Now, when you are at the starting of your prep, you might not understand the meaning of what I am saying but once you climb the ladder of your CAT preparation, you’ll get what I am saying.

But, at that time it will become too late to rectify your errors. So, follow our’s cat preparation tips, pay full attention to basics. By basics, I mean modules like cat Practice Books or Concepts. Or more importantly, acquiring habits like reading extensively and intensively and spending some time on calculations daily.

By Basics, I mean maintaining proper notes for vocabulary and revising them from time to time. By the time you reach the end of the module, your aim must be to get fully equipped with all the questions, which you have faced during the module. Now, I am pretty sure that this to-do list sounds to be quite broad and scary. But, once you start solving in a structured and planned way, it will definitely be easier.

By structured and planned, I mean doing things in a time-bound manner, applying deadlines and making a daily schedule. Ultimately you need to remember that you are preparing for a not so difficult but definitely a tricky exam. So, the bottom line is being disciplined.

Lets look in detail about how can a base be strengthened in every subject.

Verbal Ability –

Before discussing our main point, let us consider the structure of the VA section of CAT. The CAT Verbal Ability comprises of Reading Comprehension, Parajumbles, Odd one out questions, and Parasummary questions. Out of 34, there are 24 questions of Reading Comprehension.

It means that the test setters want that a candidate must possess a reading habit. And, this habit is something which cannot be developed in a day or two. It takes significant practice and patience to build this habit.  Also, let us not forget that the other ten questions of VA also requires a great amount of practice.


This is a section which you haven’t studied till now. So, paying special attention to this section becomes important. As far as Data Interpretation is concerned, the most basic factor is calculations. Calculations can be made strong if you take small steps like learning tables, squares, cubes, fractions as percentages, factorials. And if we take into consideration the Logical Reasoning part, the most important factor is the structuring of problems.  This structuring can be learned after an adequate amount of practice.

QA –

QA (Quantitative Aptitude) is a section in which a student will need to pay maximum attention in the class to learn the Concepts. This is a section which appears to be difficult to many CAT aspirants. This is because students tend to forget concepts with time.  But if you solve the questions religiously and revise the concepts on a regular basis, this problem can be solved.  

Stay motivated and work hard, because this is the time you need to maintain your patience level. There will be times in which you’ll feel directionless even after following a proper schedule. But, once you complete the basic module, you’ll definitely see light in the dark tunnel.

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